About us

At first I want to introduce myself. I`ve git own dogs since 20 years. My first dog was named Nancy, an old halfblind Schnauzer-Mix-female, her family gave her to me because they got a baby and they don`t wanted to spent any time for the dog. Nancy was a real good-natured and obedient and made low demands.

A short time after her death I got Rex (a Sheperd-Dodge-Mix) from our animal home, he was 1 1/2 years and born in the animal home. He was just the opposite, full of spirits, nearly hyper and although he had 40 Kilos he was educated not at all in addition he was "streetclean". Unfortunately the animal service had missed (?) to explain us these facts. Sorry to say but after over a half year intensive efford from me and a dogtrainer I was unable to get along with him. That was a real painful experience.

After a while I saw an advertisement from a breeder of White Sheperds in the newspaper. We met and I saw a wonderful Longhaired Male who inspired me with his character and the whole exterior. Those days (1989) their had been only a few longhaired Shpered and they had been reservated for 2 or 3 years, so I decided to buy a stockhaired female. On the 20.05.1989 I got my first stockhaired female Farina von der Weißen Garde. From the first day on she was not to budge from my side, she walked without a doglead and learnd fast all the usual commands of everydays life , she was patient with my in that days very young daughter. In the everyday living she never made any problems so that I never thought about a special training only a few times I went to the dog training place but only to giveher a chance to play with other dogs. The whole education I made in "homework" with a little help from some more or less good dogbooks. Not until 1992 I came to the "1. Zehlendorf Gebrauchshunde Sportverein" than I found out that it can be very nice to make "dogsports". In April 1993 I made with my female Farina von der Weißen Garde and another Mix Female the Begleithundprüfung (BH). On a Agility Contest we won in Mai 1993 the 3. Rank. Also Farina with her wunderful bright white fur, her dark pigment, won a lot of show contests. Farina dies on the 03.11.2001 after a fulfil life in our arms.

My second female Buffy-Jane of the Holy Wihte (born 16.08.2003) is originated from or brood (Perents: Farina von der Weißen Garde & Wayn Condor von Ronanke), a bright white longhaired female. I watched and encourage her from the first minute. She has a marked Play- and Hunt Impulse, she`s very loyal and friendly to everyone, but very watchful, too.

My third female Grand Cherokee Lady of the Holy White (born: 25.08.2000) Father: Omar von der Weißen Garde and mother Buffy-Jane of the Holy White, she is a small, bright white, dark pigmented stockhaired female. She looks in many ways a lot like Farina.

Last not least came a longhaired male Xtlonsing Ice of White Mountain Austria (born 12.03.2001) to our family.. He`s a very loving and watchful "head of the family", he has a marked Play- and Hunt Impulse, too.

The dogs are our permanent companion, their well balanced nature and their well education make it possible to take them everywhere on walks, shopping tours, to the dog training or where ever, by bus or car or bike in the traffic, or or visits.

By now, all our puppies in the Kennel of the Holy Wihte are powerful and very healthy, easy to handle and eager to learn, watchful but humaniterian.

The White Sheperd turned out for me as the "ideal dog". Because of his extremly easy education and adaptability he can be trained very easy to good manners, he`s a good behaived and watchful companion.

He learns simultaneos and is to inspire for any kind of dogsports. Personaly it`s important for me that these dogs are easy to handle and that they need a "gently hand" and that they can guide me everywhere.